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Friday 27 May 2022

Nuku'alofa, Tonga
Beulah Adventist College has boosted its computerised education with the launching of new network infrastructure and technology teaching and learning facilities, on May 26 at the Vaini campus. The Prime Minister Hon Hu’akavameiliku commended the school on its milestone achievement.
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Thursday 26 December 2019

Oxford, United Kingdom
The United States and some of its allies have acted decisively to exclude the Chinese technology company Huawei from their national markets, yet they continue to ignore the similar threat posed by Facebook and other US digital giants. Democratic governments must now be equally decisive in dealing with this home-grown danger. By Ngaire Woods.
Monday 12 August 2019

Cambridge-MA, USA
Digital technology has transformed how we communicate, commute, shop, learn, and entertain ourselves. But the current problems afflicting social media are a perfect example of what can happen when uniform rules are imposed with no regard for social context and evolved behaviors. The rich and variegated patterns of communication that exist off-line have been replaced by scripted, standardized, and limited modes of communication on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. As a result, the nuances of face-to-face communication, and of news mediated by trusted outlets, have been obliterated. Efforts to “connect the world” with technology have created a morass of propaganda, disinformation, hate speech, and bullying. By Daron Acemoglu.
Friday 5 May 2017

Oxford, United Kingdom
Artificial Intelligence is the next technological frontier, and it has the potential to make or break the world order. The AI revolution could pull the “bottom billion” out of poverty and transform dysfunctional institutions, or it could entrench injustice and increase inequality. The outcome will depend on how we manage the coming changes.
Tuesday 18 March 2014
Nuku'alofa, Tonga
A two-day workshop is being held in Nuku'alofa to introduce local librarians and teachers to emerging new technologies and new library information trends that is transforming the delivery of information today.
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