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Monday 10 February 2014
Nuku'alofa, Tonga
The Futa Helu Library at the ‘Atenisi Institute, Kolomotu’a was officially opened by Princess Pilolevu on February 7.
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Thursday 17 November 2005
I read about other's urgency to change the kingdom before the new king is crowned. Whether it is sooner or later, it will be the day history will judge us by how well we take care of the kingdom during our watch. Long term peace is never an accident. - TamaFoa
Tuesday 12 April 2005
As I read the March 17th edition of The New Zealand Herald, I finally realized how close Tonga is getting to another "Civil War". Professor Futa Helu was quoted as saying, "The King is decrepit and the Crown Prince has no other interests but his own businesses. If the Prince continues to abuse his power, there will be a popular revolt, maybe bloodshed" These are strong predictions from Yoda, the wisest of the Jedis (masses of the Star Wars). -Tama Foa