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Saturday 20 April 2013
Nuku'alofa, Tonga
Family ties and culture in Tonga are very strong, but for a father to rape his 15-years-old daughter says different. If this is happening to you, speak out, tell a friend, tell a stranger, it can be stopped and the monster can be brought to justice. "He won't hurt you anymore; all you have to do is speak out." It's ok. - By Marian Kupu.
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Thursday 24 November 2005
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Anybody who stands up and fights for press freedom and freedom of information deserves to be recognised, respected and honoured though I dare say that press freedom is sometimes abused and becomes a convenient tool. - Neville de Silva
Thursday 24 November 2005
St George, Grenada
I have not had the pleasure of meeting Pesi Fonua, but I did have the privilege of being at the Thomson Foundation together with John Lamani in 1986. I have great pleasure in sending them both by sincerest congratulations on what I am certain are richly deserved awards. Keep up the good work guys! -Leslie Pierre
Thursday 24 November 2005
Hamilton, Ontario Canada
Congratulations to Pesi Fonua and John Lamani for an honour that makes other journalism awards pale by comparison: recognition for risking their own wellbeing to defend freedom of expression.
Monday 4 April 2005
Tokyo, Japan
A Fijian journalist, Vasiti Valatia Ritova, 41, of the Pacific Island News Association news service, Pacnews was named the Island Journalist of the Year last night, at a ceremony held in the Foreign Correspondents...’ Club of Japan, Tokyo.
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