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Friday 24 November 2006
Honolulu, Hawaii
After reading of the destruction and seeing the pictures of Nuku'’alofa I am shocked that a group of protesters could be allowed to run wild and do so much damage. Here is Hawaii we have a sovereignty movement that would like to restore the Kingdom. In Tonga you have a movement that wants more democracy. It appears that there are unsatisfied people on both sides of that issue. -Steve Oberg
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Wednesday 22 November 2006
Oahu, Hawaii
Many of us in Hawaii watch the recent events in Tonga, and as outsiders we are confused and saddend that so much destruction has happened to many of Tonga's innocent businesses and people.... Now at the end of 2006, we Hawaiians, find it interesting that an island with people like us...…are destroying a city to compel democracy....Tonga is going through riots for forced democratic reform, while here many of us (not me), sing songs of protest and march in the streets...…wishing King Kamehameha'’s royal line was still in command. - Joe
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