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Tuesday 2 May 2006
Auckland, New Zealand
When the dust settles spare a thought for the crushed dreams and ambition of the connections and staff of Fly Niu Ltd., (FNL) ...– a little start-up airline forced into voluntary liquidation due to a patently flawed monopoly policy.- Wayne Madden
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Monday 20 September 2004
Nuku'alofa, Tonga
I too have been an avid reader of comments regarding the two airlines in Tonga. Before, I lay down my comments in regards to this issue, I would like to state that my company works closely with Peau Vava'’u by means of facilitating bookings that originate from overseas. I wanted that to be clear so people who read the following comments understand the source and whilst I will write as accurately as possible, people need to be able to make up their minds on the validity of my comments. - Tele Faletau
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Tuesday 14 September 2004
Sydney, Australia
Without a unified approach Tonga will remain behind the rest of the Pacific Region which is currently enjoying a huge boom in tourism dollars and economic forcasts thanks to the worries of Terrorism and global economic down turn across the world, tourists are now looking for a safer and more affordable holiday destination. - Andrew Fifita
Monday 13 September 2004
Fafa, Tonga
I don't know if you have some kind of a forum about the grounding of Air Niu, but we only can comment for our guests on Fafa Island Resort who have been using both airlines, and the Fly Niu was the preferred airlines with most guests. -Josef Sanladerer