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Results for Black Lives Matter

Monday 3 August 2020

Leeds, England
Israel Folau has become the target of social media backlash for being the only player not to participate in a pre-kickoff ‘kneel down’ (to show solidarity with “Black Lives Matter”) in round three of the Super League tournament yesterday 2 August, where Folau’s team the Catalan Dragons suffered a heavy defeat to the St Helen Saints 34 – 6. The kneel down ritual was organized by Super League players to show solidarity with “Black Lives Matter” – a controversial activist movement in the United States that protests police brutality and racial profiling against African Americans. Public opinion is mixed over the movement with critics accusing it of promoting riots.
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Tuesday 2 June 2020

Auckland, New Zealand
Thousands of protesters gathered in Auckland CBD yesterday 1 June, to show their solidarity with protests in the United States against police brutality. Among the protests were Samoan and Tongan flag wavers. The protesters attempted to reach the United States Consulate which was closed off by New Zealand police.
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