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Monday 14 December 2020

Bangkok, Thailand
The environmental roots of the COVID-19 pandemic need to be addressed to further protect people's health and the planet, the sixth session of the Committee on Environment and Development (UN-ESCAP) decided, because the destruction of the living world undermines our only support system and makes pandemics more likely.
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Monday 16 November 2020

Beijing, China
New York Times reporting: After eight years of talks, China and 14 other nations from Japan to New Zealand to Myanmar on Sunday formally signed one of the world’s largest regional free trade agreements, a pact shaped by Beijing partly as a counterweight to U.S. influence in the region.
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Thursday 9 March 2017
Berlin, Germany
Corruption is rife in the Asia Pacific region says Transparency International in a recent report revealing just over one in four people living in 16 countries surveyed in the area are estimated to have paid a bribe to access public services. The report did not include Tonga or any other Pacific Island nation, but focused on larger economies in Asia with Australia the only nation in the Pacific region included.
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Friday 6 March 2015
Sendal, Japan
World leaders and decision-makers from more than 100 countries will gather later this month in Sendai, Japan, to finalize a new global framework for disaster risk reduction which will replace the 2005 Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA). The stakes could not be higher, especially for the countries of Asia and the Pacific - by far the most disaster-prone region in the world.
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