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School boys violence, a serious social problem

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA


"Student in critical condition after Tofoa attack, Friday, July 19, 2013 - 16:39" needs a "change of environment." Crimes are committed.

With all due respects, this problematic "school boys violence" is now a serious social problem. We can no longer treat these events with emotional feelings, and the old tired conclusions (peacemaking: fakamelino), which have not worked for over 50 years.

The Police are handling the problem with the correct sociological corrective actions: Law and order.

Meanwhile, an "environmental change" needs to take place to eliminate repeated social disorderly conducts from happening, criminal behaviors, and misplaced false school pride. 

Example: Cricket competitions were outlawed in Tonga in the early 1900s because of the same reasons.

1. Opportunity Costs: Eliminate all boys inter-high school competitions, especially rugby competitions, to restore a peaceful society. The cost to society is greater than a few unruly school boys.

2. School boys need to choose between good, clean sports competitions, or none at all. 

3. Reversed peer-pressure can force troublemakers to change their attitudes.

4. Scientific studies should have been conducted to identify the problems. Religious and cultural remedies have not worked.

5. Remove perpetrators to police custody, punish them to the full extend of the law.

6. Secure social peace through "law and order."

'Ofa melino, 

Sione Akemeihakau Mokofisi

 samokofisi [at] email [dot] phoenix [dot] edu


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School violence is a criminal offence. The incidents of recent school violence between the two secondary high schools are nothing but serious criminal offences committed by their students. The offences are home invasion, malicious damage to property, and common assaults. These are serious criminal offences and must be dealt with appropriately by the Police. Guilty parties must be brought to justice and offenders to be charged accordingly. The community will not tolerate these criminals beaking the law. This is a Police issue, and I congratulate the Police Commissioner for the action taken. - Viliami Makasiale Naulu