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5055 PSC Technical Assist. 5-13 Sept 2019



Technical Assistance (TA) Required

for ICT Infrastructure


Terms of Reference (TOR)


PSC Office wishes to upgrade the current Office of the Public Service Commission infrastructure and migrate all data from old infrastructure to new infrastructure. By making this move, Office of the PSC intends to:

  • Provide appropriate ICT services at an acceptable level to every divisions of the Office of the PSC.
  • Promote its usage in order to deliver the ICT team intended outputs for the entire office.

Office of the Public Service Commission is seeking a service provider or consultant to accomplish the upgrade and development of its new infrastructure.


The Office of the PSC engaged a consultant in 2011 to carry out an audit of its ICT Infrastructure. The result of the audit identified a number of vulnerabilities and weaknesses within the current Infrastructure which this project aims to address:

  • Office of the PSC seeks the services of a highly qualified consultant or service provider in the field of Information Technology with demonstrated experience in design, configure and be able to install new server infrastructure.
  • The Consultant or the service provider will develop required outputs. They may augment the tasks outlined as required, to comply with the requirements and procedures, and to develop the current infrastructure of the Office of the PSC. The tasks are to be carried out in close cooperation with the Office of the PSC ICT team, and extensive consultation and to document the configuration and steps involved in installing the infrastructure as well as training for the ICT staff to ensure and maintain transfer of knowledge and fill ownership of the processes and documents by the concerned Office of the PSC.


Tasks will include:

  • Full audit on IT Core Infrastructure
  • Full audit on Network Infrastructure
  • Review current proposal
  • Provide full solution/recommendation on IT Core Infrastructure
  • Provide full solution/recommendation on Network Infrastructure
  • Provide full Design & Deployment Plan
  • Provide full Migration Plan (Backup & Restoration)
  • Provide full User Acceptance Testing Process & Procedure
  • Provide full Training & Handover Process


Office of the PSC is envisaging to accomplish the upgrade of new infrastructure in four (4) weeks after the Consultant selection and contract signing. Tentatively, the engagement is expected to begin in 18th September, 2019.

The project is expected to take place in phases:

  • Auditing & Analysis
  • IT & Network Design
  • IT & Network Solution Deployment
  • Data Backup & Data Migration
  • UAT Process & Procedure
  • Training & Handover

The Consultant or Service provider in their proposal should detail the time investment and cost according to the scope of work and deliverable/reporting requirements. Monitoring and evaluation of the project will be continuous and done by representative assigned from the Office of the Public Service Commission.


The Project Management Team (refer to list below) will provide monitoring and evaluation of the Project by evaluating reports and documents submitted by Service Provider and conducting additional testing as necessary. The deliverables include:

  • Project Management Plan
  • Detailed Project Plan and Timeline
  • Configuration Specification
  • Provider Recommendations
  • Documentation Format Definition and Process
  • Revised Detailed Project Plan based on Selected Consultant or Service Providers
  • Network Management and/or Technical Support Service Plan
  • Implementation Report and Acceptance Testing Plan
  • Documentation of Infrastructure configuration and Operation


All administrative requirements of the TA for this assignment will be facilitated by the Head of ICT division and the ICT team. The TA will be based at the Office of the Public Service Commission, or at an alternative location in-country as approved by the PSC.


All information involved in this exercise are deemed strictly confidential, not to be shared, and are to remain the sole property of the PSC Office. The TA will be required to sign a Confidentiality Declaration Form prior to taking up this work assignment.


Interested applicants should submit the following documents in a sealed envelope addressed to the Chief Executive Officer of the Public Service Commission no later than 4:00pm, Friday 13th of September, 2019.

  • Curriculum Vitae with relevant supporting documents (certified certificates, reference letters).
  • A Infrastructure Upgrade Project Proposal and work plan explain how you will intend to deliver the required outputs.
  • A Financial proposal form stating the price (TOP$) of which you are willing to provide the consultancy services for.
  • Civil servants may apply, however if successful they will need to apply for approval for Short-Term Consultant which requires the approval of their respective CEO and the Commission.

Should further clarification be required regarding the TOR of this project, please do not hesitate to contact the PSC Office at 25-770 or email ictteam [at] psc [dot] gov [dot] to or sia [dot] talamai [at] gmail [dot] com.