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El Nino arrives in Tonga

Nuku'alofa, Tonga

El Nino has arrived in Tonga bringing cooler nights, the Ministry of Meteorology said in a statement yesterday, 14 May.

El Nino, the movement of warm ocean water from the north of Australia to South American crossing the Pacific Islands every three to seven years, changes the weather patterns in many countries.

For Tonga, El Nino usually brings cooler night time temperatures from May to October, less rainfall from November to April and more cyclones than usual.

Meanwhile, drought conditions are currently being experienced throughout Tonga, and drought warnings are now in force for all of Tonga. Drier than normal conditions are also expected during the next six months.

Niuafo’ou recorded the highest maximum day tie temperature of 33.0 degree centigrade on 3 April.

Rainfall across the country was very low during April. Fua’amotu recorded 17.1mm of rainfall which is the lowest April rainfall in its record in 36 years.

 Nuku’alofa recorded 28.9mm which is the 3rd lowest April rainfall in 71 years.