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Turn Vava’u fiasco into a winner

Auckland, New Zealand

An open letter to the Tongan Government

My name is Dieter Dyck. I am the founder of the Tongan Beach Resort, Vava’u which I sold three years ago. During my 25 years as the managing director of the resort I have seen several domestic airlines come and go. Now is the time with a new government in place to go cap in hand and approach Air New Zealand with a famous Tongan phrase: “Faka mole mole, can you help us.”

Could you please run the Tongatapu-Vava’u route in conjunction with your Auckland-Tonga service?

Air New Zealand is cutting down, shutting down a lot of their domestic air routes, thus freeing some of their medium range aircraft. One or two of those aircraft would be ideal for the Tongatapu-Vava’u air service. 

It is all about timing and I believe the time is right to turn the Vava’u fiasco into a winning combination.

Air New Zealand could and would market the whole of Tonga as their nearest South Pacific destination, thus helping the Tongan economy at no end. Let common sense prevail and let not false pride get in the way.

This open letter comes from a very concerned Tongan citizen,

Dieter Dyck