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Good luck ProCom

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Congratulations to Tonga for pursuing one of the most lucrative employment industries, Call Center remote services, (Princess launches call center . . . Feb 28, 2013).

The multi-billion dollar industry, which has benefited many Developing Countries around the world, will give young Tongans meaningful employment, raise their standard of living, and alleviate poverty. In line with the late King George V's vision in his opening speech in Tonga's first democratically elected Parliament:

The pro-business King proposed to Parliament that Tonga needs to advance from an "impoverished" country to become a "prosperous" one.

Laborer jobs waning

Tonga is wise to look for non-agricultural based jobs for the younger generations. Laborer physical jobs are low pay, back-breaking, and most times demeaning to young Tongans who have successfully completed high school. The guest work schemes to NZ and Australia is beneficial for physical laborers, but it's not for everyone. Soon they will find machines to replace those workers, and agriculture is often a prey to environmental shocks and unpredictable market shifts.

Young Tongans education level is good enough to compete with mega-players in the "call center" industry like the Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, China and India. Key indicators of call centers are, a friendly workforce, cost competitive, and always innovative to compete in the global marketplace.

Good luck ProComm and all the young employees.

Sione Akemeihakau Mokofisi, MBA

samokofisi [at] email [dot] phoenix [dot] edu