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Locals challenge Dr Teena Brown Pulu's claim

Ma'ufanga, Tonga


To those of us here in Tonga who have been affected by redevelopment contract administration, the whole episode reeks of a cover up and manipulated contract awards, so Dr [Teena] Brown Pulu's claim of unsubstantiated allegations is likely to be challenged on several fronts. (Ref. New book . . .).

A number of local Tonga business operations have effectively been put to the wall by the preferential contracting to overseas providers that has taken place. As an indicator, investigations previously have tracked multiple NZ companies, on the surface and on supply documents seemingly independent operations, to the same street address in Auckland. And Dr Brown Pulu didn't find that?

Unsubstantiated allegations? There appears to be a mountain of evidence to the contrary- listen to tape recordings that exist of investigations undertaken by Tonga business operators. Get copies of written reports of complaints made to Tonga (and NZ) foreign affairs and immigration departments about NZ nationals working without visas or work permits in Tonga, on works they were not qualified nor licenced to do in NZ anyway. (Tongans would be in the cells and deported if such was done in NZ) There is a need for further investigations about the activities that have taken place; did Dr Brown Pulu even bother to investigate within the greater Tonga business community involved? It seems not.

Dr Brown Pulu appears to have a lodged a report which may be lacking in substantive investigation technique, and has apparently been paid for doing so; which is an interesting point. Did the Dr have a confidentiality agreement in the report contract, has she thus breached such? What are the ethics of performing a reporting contract, and then benefiting from royalties from a book about the clients reaction to such report?

If Dr Brown Pulu had bothered to talk to members of the Tonga business community about what really happened, yes, maybe a book. But in reality (for those of us and our staff and families in Tonga who know and have been affected by the redevelopment activities as it relates to the commercial sector over the last few years) the book may, perhaps, be lacking in regard the real facts which are yet to be revealed.

Henry Garrahy
hgarrahy [at] gmail [dot] com