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Those with political intentions should not be in TRFU

Nuku'alofa, Tonga


I believe Mr. Tu'ikolovatu has the right to speak his opinion but his judgement on the 'Ikale Tahi's performance is rather formless. We all have high expectations of our team because we know they can perform far better than the previous results.

Tonga did not have all of its best players in that tour to start with. Second, we cannot underestimate the calibre of players in the Irish and Scottish A teams. I bet you had the American Eagles played these two teams, they would have lost. Ireland is one of the best teams in the world now and Scotland beat the Wallabies. I trust that the TRFU and the new 'Ikale Tahi coach and management are doing their best to be ready by 2011.

I concur with Mr. Tu'ikolovatu when he said: "Anyone that have associated or a part of the era that TRU can't account for its finance needs to be completely out of the picture and possibly go to jail," and I think those with political intentions should not be part of the TRFU.

I also believe that talent scouts should be up and about looking for the best talents because we have no shortage of talent. It is a matter of finding the right players. As a Tongan, I do not want the 'Ikale Tahi going down by a century to the All Blacks again.

Samiu Sika