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The real winner of inter college sports

Morgan Hill-California, USA


I am raising attention to the ranking of the winners of inter college sports in Tonga that held a week ago [April 2009]at Teufaiva Stadium.

Everybody knows that there are schools that have only boys and some are girls school only. When you rank their success Tonga High School a boys and girl school is on top.

Nobody disputes the great performance by Tonga High School but a more real analysis of the individual schools performance will be more sensible and respectable if you consider the schools that have boys or girls only.

There is no doubt that the result will be different from your actual ranking.

Queen Salote College and Tupou College would be the top ranking schools since they cannot have boys or girls to compete. Tonga College too would beat schools ranking better than them now.

These schools are usual spotlights of Tonga sports but they are being disadvantaged in the sports ranking because of being boys or girls only.

Anyway, I take my hat off for all the schools that participated in the competition let alone their performance.

Malo, Siosaia Mila