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Concern over bitterness toward PM

Nuku'alofa, Tonga


I am concerned about the obsessive bitterness that your correspondent, Mele Payne Lynch, seems to harbour towards the Hon. Prime Minister, Dr. Feleti Sevele, which in turn tends to prejudice everything she has to say in her frequent letters to your column.

Here is a sampling of what I am referring to from her most recent letter, entitled "Building Tonga with Doing-Less-Harm Approach," which was posted on your site on 23 July:

_ "Dr. Feleti Sevele has exacerbated the discord of political tenision . . . "

_ "Dr. Sevele has crushed any lingering hope for effective dialogue . . . "

_ "Dr. Sevele wants to be referee and player at the same time."

_ "Dr. Sevele also goes out of his way to display governments's strength . . . by encouraging repressive media . . . "

_ "Dr. Sevele has been consistent in blaming the PRs and the pro-democracy for the riot hence the failure to fill the chasm . . . "

_ "Dr. Sevele, once a proponent of political reform has proven to be an honest politician after all - when he is bought by the King, he stays bought."

_ ". . . the King and Dr. Sevele are expanding the the scope of participation in an orderly way but are in no rush for any political change. If they do, they want it the same way Saint Augustine wanted chastity; not yet."

All of these accusations are figments of Ms. Lynch's imagination. All are designed to demonise the Hon Prime Minister. Some are defamatory. Some are downright rude. All are unbecoming of Ms. Lynch's obvious intelligence.

I hope to able to address all of the accusations individually through your column in the near future but for now I humbly beg Ms. Lynch to drop her obsessive bitterness towards the Hon Prime Minister, Dr. Feleti Sevele.

The Hon. Prime Minister welcomes criticism, but it must be constructive and objective.

Yours sincerely,

Lopeti Senituli

Press Secretary/Political Adviser to the Prime Minister

lsenituli [at] pmo [dot] gov [dot] to