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TCC Shares



My fellow Tongans - I am writing this letter to remind you all that the deadline for showing your interest in the Tonga Communication Corporation Shares is Friday-20/07/2007. This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to invest in this Tongan Company and build it up to become successful for future generations.

There is no more information available at this stage but hopefully we will hear more about the scheme in the near future. Meanwhile, if you have not seen the advertisement, please take time to read it on the TCC Website or in any of the Tongan Newspapers or Magazines.

I am well aware that the critics will pounce on me for writing this letter. In the past, I was told that it is not my place to ask people to invest in Tonga because the Government "kai e pa...’anga". Not only that but apparently "it's like asking Tongan people to make sacrifice" etc. So before you launch the attack, have a look at the advertisement first and think "Money, Money, Mone . . y". Seriously though, part of the fund raised from selling TCC shares will go directly to the improvement of its services. The better service it provides the more customers the company will attract and the more customers to service, the more employees TCC will need to do the work. So no doubt there will be job opportunities for local people.

So go on everyone, particularly those of us from abroad. Show your interest and be counted.

'Ofa atu

Senolita Swan

PS: If you are struggling to feed the family or pay the bills, please don't feel burdened by this letter. This call is only for those who are willing and can afford to invest in Tonga.

senolita_swan_3 [at] msn [dot] com