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Keep up the good work

Phoenix, Arizona,USA


I was overwhelmed with what Paul Fifita had to express about William Edwards re Tonga Rugby League TRL, and as a former employee of HRH Princess Salote Mafile'o Pilolevu Tuita myself, I was assigned at the time of my employment as an Administrator of TRL and I can fully understand what Mr. Edwards justified, warranted and vindicated.

TRL is very lucky to have Mr. Edwards for his proficiency, expertise, knowledge and capability to upgrade TRL to another echelon where it should have been. Hey William it's so delightful to distinguish that you took a stretch to justify and rationalize your actions. Well written and well spoken and I think there is nothing more that I can add to clarify your justification better.

I urge and impel you Mr. Edwards to continue the brilliant diplomacy, outstanding tactics and exceptional exertion you are currently burden for TRL and no doubt would perform wonders for Tonga Rugby Union should they acquire your know-how. Keep up the good work.


James Fa'asolo

A Former Administrator

Tonga National Rugby League 1996/1997

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