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BP Oil did not restrict supply to Shoreline



Claims that BP Oil refused to supply diesel fuel to Shoreline are quite simply incorrect, Ref. “BP Oil refused critical fuel supply until Shoreline paid debts, says COO...”, 31/1.

Despite the turbulent events that took place during November last year, BP Oil worked with the Government to ensure that Tonga's fuel and electricity supply was secure.

BP Oil has operated in Tonga for over 40 years and are ever mindful of our responsibility to the businesses and community amongst whom we operate.

At the time of the riots, we worked around the clock to ensure the safe supply of fuel for essential services, and we also made it a priority to ensure that Shorelines supply of fuel did not run out. They didn'’t.

Our efforts were critical to ensuring that Tonga's electricity supply was not interrupted.

I can proudly say that BP stood beside the many businesses that were challenged during these difficult times, we stood by the community and we stood by Tonga.

Isikeli Tuituku

General Manager BP South West Pacific

Chandran [dot] Vigneswaran [at] se1 [dot] bp [dot] com