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Keep the Tau Lau Bus running folks

Pago Pago, American Samoa


I got of the ...“Taulau Bus...” only to find myself walking alone. So, Sione Mokofisi and the others, as much as you may not want to, the Tau Lau Bus will be kept in service because it is the most comfortable mode that excites our writers. In this Bus, you are not going to be responsible for anything and you are not required to do any work but throw trash into the fire to encourage the tau lau.

The cost of oil affects either directly or indirectly all economic development in the world today. It is on top of the world leader...’s agendas. It is a major concern with the people in Tonga. It affects the cost of both private and public transportation, the cost of electricity and water, it affects the cost of medicine and services at the hospital, it affects the cost of imported goods, and so on and so forth.

Tonga is paying too much for it's fuel compared to the rest of the Pacific. I hope there is one or two souls out there who cares enough to find out why? Oh, we cannot rely on the Competent Authority at the Ministry Of Labor and Commercial. They do not have a clue. The last person who knew anything about this is now working for the oil company...and I can't ask him...for conflict on interest reasons.

Mafi 'o Amerika Samoa.

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