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PSA Manipulation

New Zealand

Dear Editor,

I'm deeply concerned with PSA's manipulation over the list of its proposed Ministers for an interim Government. I must agree with Ana Paea's comment at this stage. It is fair to say that PSA wants solid power. We supported your fighting for fairness and justice but we cannot endorse your political manipulation. Our politicians are the catalyst for a change and please allow them to complete their task. Every move you make has only caused a prolong delay in the transition to a more democratic government. The Association for Public Servants appear to serve the purpose of its establishment fairly and precisely. More importantly, to protect the best interest of its members.

PSA seems to be very proud of its doctorate scholars and highly academic achievers. On this basis, it believes to have the best qualified people to serve as Ministers. May I please bring to your attention, that many Ministers in New Zealand are not degree holders but are able to complete their duties with the assistance of different select committees. A good Minister does not necessary have to be a degree holder. For this reason, I question the validity of your disappointment with the elevation of Paul Karalus and Fineasi Funaki. I would call on Haapai people to bring in Sela Kasinga for a change. Sela does not have a degree but will deliver better than the so called scholars.

With Regards

Velangilala Tupou
direction2u [at] xtra [dot] co [dot] nz