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Tonga and Tongans - how good is our national image?

Auckland, New Zealand


Ever wondered how the brand "Tonga" or "Tongan" is doing these days? And I mean how are we doing internationally and how do we regard ourselves locally?

How do you think the rest of the world regard or view Tonga today? How do you think we have been regarded or perceived by others in the past? What have been some of the critical events which shaped how the world sees us as well as how we see ourselves over the last century? Is the brand in good nick? Does it matter how we're perceived as a nation, as a people? Does anyone care? Who is responsible for the brand and how do we compare with the rest of our Pacific neighbours, the smaller nations of the world, our allies and trading partners? Is there anything that we can do to add value to the brand?

I'm keen to hear from Tongans around the world as well as in Tonga as part of an informal stocktake on our national image. I'm particularly interested in how you think the country in which you now live regards Tongans and Tonga today. As usual there are no right or wrong answers - it's purely qualitative.

Sefita Hao'uli


New Zealand

sefita [at] paradise [dot] net [dot] nz