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What is next?

London, United Kingdom

Dear Editor,

The stalemate has been resolved. The Government has waited this long to implement the civil servants wants. The 60%, 70% and 80% rise was affordable by this Government all along. The public confidence and trust has cost this Government dearly.

Democracy will be the next push for the people. This is a momentum that can not be ignored this time.

The move for political change is on the minds of Tongans now. A say into the distribution of the wealth of the nation and focus of this small nation. Leadership instead of dictatorship will be foremost.

National assets like: electricity, water, telecomunication, transport, immigration and so forth would be in the hands of the people to govern, and to be regulated.

Every civil servant returning to work after the strike will be wondering now, what is next? A change of government to a more democratic rule? Who will be governing this? Will there be an opposition party? What part will the Nobles and Royals play in these future political affairs? Will Tonga mimic British politics today? Will national assets be returned to the modified government?

Only time will tell, and it is running out for this Government.

William Mariner

ionaxe [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk