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Who is gaining power from your pain?


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a young Tongan/Samoan girl born in New Zealand but was raised in Tonga. I've always considered myself Tongan, because the first language that I spoke was Tongan, and I was taught the Tongan manners and way of life by my grand parents. I went to school in Tonga for few years before I went back to New Zealand. I now reside in Australia.

If anyone ever asks me: What differentiates a Tongan from any other culture? My response is respect and humbleness.

I guess I am writing to express how sad I am about the situation in Tonga. I am sure that I cannot relate to what the government workers are going through because I am not employed in Tonga. I am not a scholar nor am I apolitician. I AM A TONGAN, just a young Tongan girl.

What happen to Friendly Islands? What happen to Respect? What happen to Christians? Has everyone forgotten?

We Tongans consider ourselves to be true Christians, where is that true Christian now? Aren't christians suppose to stand by their leader,even through troubled times? Or are we like the people in the bible that agreed to crucify our Saviour just after they praised on Palm Sunday? No leader is perfect, not a single leader on this earth is perfect. Why? Because they are only human.

You read about the people praying at Pangai Si'i even at Teufaiva. But all I hear and read about are not signs of people praying. Burning houses, is that a result of praying? What are you praying for? What are you asking God? God answers prayers but not prayers from those who have evil motives.


I was ashamed to hear about our brothers and sisters in New Zealand. I am not from any noble blood, but what were they thinking, demanding an audience with our King, burning our flag outside 'Atalanga. They claim that they were only supporting their relatives in Tonga. We all support our relatives in Tonga, we feel their pain, but there is a limit to how far you can go. I think the real question here is, who are they really supporting?

I know that I am only young, but am old enough to suspect that there is something fishy about this whole strike. I know that there are people that are using these poor government workers to gain power. Is that not what it is always about POWER! Wake up Tonga, look around you, who is really supporting you? Who's really feeling your pain and Who is GAINING from your PAIN? Whose using you to get to where they want? Please Tonga do not become puppets to these people. Do not let these people cloud your mind from what is right and wrong. Who's going to educate our children? Who is going to look after our people in hospital? We sacrifice, we humble that's what makes us Tongan people unique.

People of Tonga Pray and God will answer....He will answer the prayers ofthose who only seek peace and harmony not those that seek power!!!

Seini N. Kelemete
Service Co - Ordinator
Asia Pacific/Huntingwood/CadSchw
email: Seini [dot] Kelemete [at] ap [dot] csplc [dot] com