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Thanks heaps


Dear Editor,

I was very happy seeing that we can all meet our Cabinet Ministers and whoever is responsible for this strike.

I am a civil servant who somehow got a chance to work here in Australia on a working visa. I have been an active member of the striker movement from the Ministry of Health and I was very happy to see our Hon Minister on the lawn at Pangai Si'i. I am pretty sure that there is no place like Tonga but it will take a lot of courage and sacrifice before such goal will be achieved.

The fact that the PSA pulled out of the Princess Regent's offer is also seen as a careful movement by the committee to ensure that it is done in writing and not by mouth as we moved from a Tonga, which deals by mouth to that which is supposed to be written. It a very courageous move and hopefully everything will be settled without any chaos.

Again, I will urge readers to pray for our little country as they struggle to maintain our dignity and pride of our nation "Koe Otua mo Tonga ko hota tofi'a"

Yours faithfully


Siu Fietonu

issy4470 [at] yahoo [dot] com