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Return everything!

Arizona, USA

Dear Editor,

I'm among the thousands of Tongans living abroad, who are greatly indebted to your online publication for its continual coverage of the events in our tiny island nation. Please let the folks in your organization know how much we appreciate their hard work! Malo e ngaue malohi.

As I contemplate the on-going struggles between the PSA and the Tongan Government, I feel compelled to vocalize the frustrations that I have been experiencing every time a new article, related to the strike, is released on your website. To my fellow Tongans currently on strike, heed ye not to the monster (Government) yonder! We are all proud of you; you will be an important part of history that our children and grandchildren will read about with great admirations!

I liken the Tongan Government, the Royal Family and their "poodles", to a dying chronic obese patient, who has been long due for a gastric bypass! I'm not just talking about the short, simple, inexpensive laparoscopic surgery. I'm talking about the real deal. The Tongan Government needs a major overhaul-hopefully a peaceful-extreme makeover!

If the government thinks that the PSA's demanded pay raise is an equation for economic disaster, I might just have the ideal solution for its dilemma (and I won't charge them a consulting fee for it): Return everything, and I mean everything, (e.g. TongaSat, TonFon, Shoreline, Proceeds from Illegal Passport Sale, etc) that is rightfully the people's to the people. This will make the ever-so-notorious-60-70-80-request from the ever-not-so-notorious-public-servants-per-the-PM looks de minimus that it's not even worth discussing.

Tonga is ripe for a major political change. The PSA's cause has only touched the tip of the iceberg! Tonga's dreams of an economic bliss will never come to fruition without political change first. The archaic thoughts that Tonga belongs to the Royals and the Hou'eiki is a thing of the past. Tonga belongs to its people, and its about time they take charge!


Another PSA Supporter
Sione Laione
Arizona, USA
desert_pro_psa [at] yahoo [dot] com