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The plight of people

Suva, Fiji


The amount of drama and diplomacy played by greedy politicians and certain members of the royal family is quite appalling.

Shoreline Company is for one. I think that it is about time that the people run their own electricity company. It is evident that in the hands of the wrong people, the Shoreline Company has become a disaster to the people as well as a liability to the kingdom itself.

I believe that the people are sick and tired of carrying the liabilities of the greedy for too long. Perhaps it is about time that companies such as Shoreline fully carry their own liabilities.

I hope that HRH Prince Tupouto'a and HRH Princess Pilolevu embrace once again the "love their neighbor's" principle.

As one writer has said in his letter to the Editor that it is bad that people urinate on your back. It is even insulting to say that it is raining.

I am tempted to quote from an old Chinese proverb: "when you spit make sure that you don't spit in the wind or else the wind might blow your spit right back to your face".

In the mean time I urgent every Tongan to carry on the good fight against corruption and evil, for the battle we fight today is not for ourselves but for our children and their children and so on.

malo aupito

feleti s.


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