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A political party system of parliament for Tonga?

Auckland, New Zealand

Dear Editor

We have observed an interesting trend in previous candidates competing for a place in parliament. They are as fierce as lions when campaigning with their out-spokenness, yet as soon as they get into parliament, it almost seems like someone had clipped their tongues like a wet bus ticket on the way in. They become nothing but big cute, fluffy, shy ineffective pussy cats cuddling up to the feet of those already in power (purrrrr). With no intestinal fortitude (i.e. guts) to repeat what they said during their campaign inside parliament.

Some of the candidates voted into parliament obviously reflect the values and integrity (or lack of it) that are esteemed by the majority in each specific electorate in Tonga. And if this is so, then what some corners of the Tongan society esteem is pretty sad, and no wonder why the Tongan Parliament does more rock n rolling than Elvis's torso.

It is also a problem when candidates voted in often all have their own little individual agenda up their sleeve. It's not a very effective system of parliament as we have witnessed so far.

Obviously Western countries have come across this problem of scattered politics and have subsequently invented the "political party" system which ensures that whoever is voted

into Parliament is representing a "common party vision and goal" rather than individual unrealistic self-serving campaigns (thats why candidates tend to jump around a lot in what they support, they only support what makes them look good at any given time).

Maybe thats something Tonga needs to introduce, a political party system of parliament.

I've more to say, but I'll stop here else the editor will sterilze this letter as well like previously.

Yours Sincerely

Kitione Fale