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Other people were responsible for [Moala's] imprisonment

Nuku'alofa, Tonga

Response to: Class system, not right, but not the biggest problem

Dear Editor,

I would like to refer to Siane Tui'one's letter dated 3 February 2005.

It is difficult to follow his logic when he says ...."I don't follow politics in Tonga as closely as you do, but I do know I wouldn't want Clive Edwards to hold any position of power. Clive Edwards was in fact the criminal defence lawyer for Dennis Priven, the man who murdered American Peace Corps volunteer..."

If we accept his reasons on face value then we must conclude:-

That he does not know what he is talking about as he readily confesses.

That all lawyers would be disqualified for one reason or another from holding any public office. This would be particularly true in the case of trial lawyers who are sworn on oath to defend people in accordance with the law.

He appears to have no logic at all when he says he doesn't know whether the allegations against me are true, but he will believe in them 'wholeheartedly'. If he applies that logic in judging anyone, he would go down in history as a very poor judge of character. It is also a very irresponsible statement to make as it reveals a weakness in the 'reasoning' process. He then quotes from Kalafi Moala's book on page 184 a description which Kalafi Moala has made up. I did not see or visit Kalafi Moala in prison at all. This is one example of many incidents which have never occurred but he has made it up. Absolute fiction yet people believe it as facts.

When I became Minister, Kalafi Moala's little newspaper attacked me weekly for a period of nine years. These attacks have come in the form of nasty, personal letters to the Editor and articles which were all prepared by Kalafi Moala and his staff. Within his small newspaper he has set up a section to concentrate on writing nasty letters and articles about me.

I am surprised with Siane Tui'one saying that Kalafi Moala is the true voice of the people of Tonga. You are making people laugh with this absurd statement. You don't know the true background of this man in Tonga. It is not intended to recite it here because it will be a waste of time and further, it will not be pleasant reading.

I have taken him to court and obtained judgement against him for false and malicious defamatory allegations he made against me. It is unbelievable how he keeps on writing fictitious stories about me. He asked for time to pay the judgement and I granted him time. Further, I did not require him to pay for the heavy cost of the case because he asked for concession. He lives in New Zealand but he spends money to travel to Tonga to attack me. His obsession for personal revenge is making him a fanatical campaigner.

Other people were responsible for his imprisonment and it is well known that I did not support the motion for his imprisonment. It is twisted and strange that the Minister he attacked had, with the assistance of Tupouto'a, imprisoned him but he keeps on blaming me. He wrote to me while in prison and said that I was the only one he trusted in government and he was asking for my help to get him out.

Siane Tui'one appears to be well read but unfortunately he is extremely illogical and gullible. It's a pity because the biggest problem is whether people forget about the truth or choose to ignore the responsibility of seeking the truth. I have already been judged by the likes of Siane Tui'one based on the unsubstantiated word of another man without hearing one word from me in my defence. You are a great guy for prejudging another person and condemning him irrespective of the truth.

Yours faithfully
Clive Edwards.