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Tonga is a beautiful country and we would love to come back one day- if there is a better and improved airline system. We had two fantastic weeks in Tongatapu and Ha’apai but the last two days have been a nightmare - what upset us the most was the fact that no one seemed to care - the airline has to know that it cannot go on like that! - Simone Eisenbarth
Monday 23 September 2013 - 3 comments
Tonga’s MA60 aircraft made three inaugural commercial flights to Vava‘u on Saturday, August 10, and the aircraft gifted from China is scheduled to fly twice-daily to Vava’u.
Monday 12 August 2013
Samiu Vaipulu follows the text book theory that competition will lower cost. In reality, that can be close to the truth if it is properly managed and monitored. Take for example the oil supply industry, there has been two oil suppliers to Tonga, and yet, there is no significant appearance or evidence of lower fuel cost from competition between these two companies. – Sione Lousiale Kava.
Monday 21 January 2013
The planes Samiu wants to bring in, the Chinese made MA60, does not have the best reputation. They have been refused a certificate by the American Federal Aviation Department and have been involved in several accidents, one killing all the passengers on board. – Sione Taufa.
Monday 21 January 2013
A wild boar chase by kava growers living on Tonga’s volcanic island of Tofua yesterday may have led to the cancellation of an international flight to Tonga today, after smoke was spotted near the island and mistaken for a volcanic eruption
Tuesday 14 August 2012
Tonga will have a new national domestic airline, flying by early 2013, the Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Samiu Vaipulu told the Tongan Parliament on Monday, June 18. From the House by Pesi Fonua.
Monday 25 June 2012
An Air New Zealand flight to Auckland was delayed an hour from departing Fua’amotu International Airport this afternoon, due to a breach in security, after two passengers boarded through the VIP area and had not been properly screened.
Saturday 21 April 2012
Air services into and within the Kingdom may operate on a Sunday when Saturday services are disrupted. This is to avoid the very circumstances that occurred last weekend and as alluded to in the article “Waste of fish cargo could be avoided in future, say exporters”. Such operation is considered an essential service.- Paul Karalus
Monday 30 March 2009
A sulphuric mix of Tonga’s sabbatical laws and last week’s volcanic eruption on Hunga Ha’apai that led to the cancellation of Saturday evening’s Air New Zealand 767 flight into Fua’amotu International Airport, is causing headaches for Tongan fish exporters who had perishable cargo destined for the USA and Japan. By Mary Lyn Fonua.
Thursday 26 March 2009
“Air Chatham starts domestic service.” This is great news but will Air Chatham also fly to Niuatoputapu? - Peki Matheson
Wednesday 2 April 2008
Peau Vava’u, one of Tonga’s two domestic airlines, which due to fire damage to their corporate offices in November 2006 has been grounded, announced today that they will recommence commercial operation on Monday 14 May 2007.
Tuesday 27 March 2007
When the dust settles spare a thought for the crushed dreams and ambition of the connections and staff of Fly Niu Ltd., (FNL) …– a little start-up airline forced into voluntary liquidation due to a patently flawed monopoly policy.- Wayne Madden
Tuesday 2 May 2006
Your article on Monday, 3rd April, brought up some interesting thoughts. One of these is that Tonga seriously needs to take a look at its One Airline Policy (OAP) if its widely touted policy of strengthening the private sector is to succeed. - Finehika Vavatau
Tuesday 4 April 2006
The purpose of my posting was simply to let people know of positive things happening at Shoreline and I will continue to update them on how these projects are faring as we move ahead. At the same time I look forward to continuing the reliable operation and maintenance, on behalf of Shoreline, of the 58 year old “Red Baron” aircraft which, in addition to its support role for Shoreline, is being used on a regular basis, at no charge, by the Government of Tonga, to provide medical evacuation services from the outer islands. - Peter P. Goldstern
Wednesday 13 April 2005
Monday, March 14, 2005 - 14:05. The People’s Republic of China wants to set up a FJD$100 million (US$61 million) regional airline. And while it has raised the issue with the Fiji government it has yet to consult other Pacific Island states on this possibility.
Monday 14 March 2005
read with interest the letter penned by HRH Crown Prince Tupouto’a (October 18) with respect to Fly Niu Limited and as I was but for a short time FNL’s business advisor the following may be of interest. -Wayne Madden
Monday 8 November 2004
I was disappointed to read the 18 October letter entitled “Political views need more balance” which accused Air New Zealand of “ripping off the travelling public with a fare of $1300” - Rick Osborne
Monday 1 November 2004
read with much interest your piece about free speech and support your sentiments completely. However, I could not help but wonder what you intend to do with it now that it is unassailable. The glaring difference between the Tongan media and, say, the Fijian, is that I find greater balance in Fiji between political and economic considerations. In Tonga, only political views and comments are given prominence without the balance of economic or commercial considerations. - Tupouto’a
Monday 18 October 2004
I had recently planned a trip to Niuatoputapu, but had to cancel when Tongan Airlines went bankrupt. Since that time there has been totally confusion and lack of transportation to the Niuas. Now they say the DC3’s cannot use the runways. - Dick Watt
Friday 15 October 2004
I read with interest Tele Faletau’s lengthy letter ‘Defending Peau Vava’u’. Judging from the length he went through to defend little minute details from other readers’ previous letters, one starts to wonder why? - Semisi Tonga
Wednesday 22 September 2004