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Wednesday 27 March 2013
Brisbane, Australia
Sulieni Layt an Australian was granted naturalization as a Tongan citizen at a ceremony led by Tonga's High Commissioner to Australia Princess Latufuipeka Tuku'aho, in Brisbane on March 21.
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Thursday 16 June 2011
Suva, Fiji
I am a Tongan woman married to a non-Tongan man and I cannot get Tongan passports for my children who were born in Tonga and another country in the 1990s. The amendments to the Nationality Act 2007 apply only to those born on or after 14 September 2007, in short, the amendments are not retrospective. I have been told by Tongan Immigration officers that for my children to get Tongan passports, they will have to go through the process of 'naturalization'. - Tupou Taiamoni Finau.
Sunday 14 September 2008
Auckland, New Zealand
I was dismayed to read about the passing of the dual citizenship legislation prescribing the charging of a fee of $750.00 per application. -'Amelia Schaaf
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Monday 28 July 2008
San Francisco, California, USA
On July 19, 2008; you published an article about the deportees from foreign countries who currently are a "national concern" to the Kingdom of Tonga. Although Tonga agreed to the Extradition Treaty in good faith, it should have realized that a criminal would continue to be a criminal regardless of a change in his/her environment. - Siosaia Fatani
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Monday 28 July 2008
Neiafu, Vava'u
With reference to Mafi 'o Amerika Samoa's letter on deportees from the USA, I must say that he has got the right spirit of wanting to help find assistance for Tonga. However, I wish to point out... all deportees from the US are aliens, that is they are Not American Citizens- Tu'itokaloto Fakatakatau Taufa
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