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Wednesday 8 December 2010
Nuku'alofa, Tonga
Without the support of her family Mafi Tu'inukuafe, Tonga's Miss Heilala 2010-11, would not have been able to represent Tonga at the Miss South Pacific Pageant held in Papua New Guinea from November 21-27, where she impressed the judges with her fabulous traditionally-inspired dress.
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Sunday 5 December 2010
Papua New Guinea
Tonga's candidate to the Miss South Pacific Pagaent 2010, Mafi Tu'inukuafe was immaculate. She was a real gem for the event and surprised many of the audience with her character, charm, wit and beauty. If ever Tonga needed someone to boost its image at a time like this, she was a godsend and she made me even prouder to be a Tongan in Papua New Guinea. - John Paul Chapman.
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