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Search will return article content that contains the relevant words.

Search for a single word, e.g. cyclone

Search for multiple words, e.g. cyclone ian
cyclone ian

Look for an exact phrase
type search terms within quotes, e.g. "cyclone ian"
"cyclone ian"

Search for multiple words
To find articles containing both terms, type AND
e.g. ministry AND tourism
ministry AND tourism

To find articles containing either term or both terms, type OR
e.g. ministry OR tourism
ministry OR tourism

To find articles on both Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Tourism
type in: ministry AND (finance OR tourism)
ministry AND (finance OR tourism)

Omit specific words
If you want articles that do not contain a specific word, type in a minus prefix before the unwanted word: e.g. Tupou -Sione
Tupou -Sione

Use * to match a range of characters, e.g. minister, ministers, ministry, ministries.
type in: minist*

Search results

Term matching is "fuzzy"; that is, a search for volcano will also return matches for volcanoes.

The search system will attempt to suggest alternative spellings. For example, cyclone is suggested if cycline is entered.

Search results default to most recent first (descending date order). You can also sort by Title, Type and Relevancy.
Sort by Relevancy, Title, Type, or Date.

Relevancy sort
The Relevancy sort matches articles and other page types that have the most occurrences of the relevant search word.

Title sort
Title sort orders search results alphabetically on the headlines. Note that numerals appear before letters and punctuation such as apostrophes are also counted (and rank before letters). The search word is found in the text of the articles.

Type sort
The Type sort is where multiple content types are included in results e.g. Article (news), Ad Page (paid notices), Basic Page (about the website). The page type indicator is at the right hand side of the search summary. The results are grouped by page type.
search for court
Results for court, with content type Article highlighted

Date sort
The Date sort brings up all types of content with the latest at the top of the Search results summaries and in descending date order.