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6329 Min Fisheries Vacancy 8-29 October 2021


Fisheries Consultant

The Ministry of Fisheries in collaboration with FAO wishes to advertise the following vacancy for interested applicants.

Job Title

National small-scale fisheries consultant for Tonga

Programmed / Project number

TCP/TON/3804 (100 days)

TCP/SAP/3807 (60 days)

TCP/TON/3801(5 days)



Minimum requirements

  • Degree or Diploma in marine or fisheries or related field 
  • Fisheries background and/or technical skills and/or with relevant work experience is an advantage
  • Computer literate and able to use basic software applications (e.g. Microsoft Word, power point and Excel)
  • Good communication skills in English, written and oral
  • Good technical writing skills relevant to the subject matter
  • Ability to organise and lead consultation groups
  • Ability to conduct grey and anecdotal material research and desk review of literature
  • Ability to work and meet deadlines with remote supervision
  • Ability to work locally in Tonga and under remote COVID modality with stakeholders restricted by border controls
  • A National of Tonga
  • Must be in Tonga upon offer

Interested applicants are required to submit curriculum vitae (CV) and addressed to:

Chief Executive Officer
Ministry of Fisheries

Applications must be in a closed envelope titled “Job application for National small-scale fisheries consultant” and submitted to the Ministry of Fisheries and emailed with the title “Job application for National small-scale fisheries consultant” to Mr. Poasi Ngaluafe; poasi [dot] ngaluafe [at] tongafish [dot] gov [dot] to  and to be received no later than 4:30pm, 29th October 2021.

The Terms of Reference outlining the duties can be downloaded from the Ministry’s website: or contact the Ministry of Fisheries at telephone number: 7401200 / 7401201 or email Mr. Poasi Ngaluafe: poasi [dot] ngaluafe [at] tongafish [dot] gov [dot] to or Mrs. Tracy 'Aisea tracy [dot] aisea [at] tongafish [dot] gov [dot] to during working hours.