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5292 Plant & Food Research Vacancies 12 Feb - 3 Mar 2020

Plant & Food Research (PFR)


Vanilla Advisors - Tonga

Plant & Food Research (PFR) and The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) has a 5 year project aiming to improve Vanilla production and quality in Tonga. PFR is recruiting two full-time Vanilla Advisors to be based in Vava’u.

The Vanilla Advisors will work closely with and under the supervision of the Vanilla Activity Co-ordinator, Mr Solomone Vaikeli and PFR staff to implement and support grower groups, surveys and research field trials with recording. You will be responsible for creation of Kalapu Tō Vanila, acting as the facilitator for each Kalapu and maintaining grower attendance.


  • Have a diploma qualification in agriculture or relevant qualification with at least 5 years practical work experience in extension and/or crop production
  • Preferably have a good understanding of vanilla growing, with some knowledge of other crops typically grown with vanilla
  • Be able to build and maintain relationship with farmers and other groups involved in the project
  • Experience using computer software (Microsoft excel and word)
  • Good proficiency in both  English and Tongan
  • A full driver’s license
  • Availability to travel throughout Vava’u
  • This is a full-time position with some opportunity and requirement for flexible working hours
  • Remuneration for this position will be within the range of $TP20-24,500.

Further information can be obtained from Vanilla Activity Co-ordinator Solomone Vaikeli svaikeli [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] nz or phone 7701378 or Program Manager Miriam Hall Miriam [dot] hall [at] plantandfood [dot] co [dot] nz.