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PM's misguided "justice"

Nuku'alofa, Tonga


The Prime Minister has misguided justice, and the Speaker of the House made a mistake by allowing the Standing Committee to investigate the Lavulavu Case and then vote afterwards on whether or not to impeach Lavulavu.

During his conference with the news media about the Lavulavu Case, the Prime Minister emphasized the need for justice, implying that he’s the only one who could execute justice over this case. Intentionally disregarding the Constitution, the Prime Minister claimed that impeachment as spelled out by the Constitution is unjust, since Lavulavu’s “mistake,” according to his subjective interpretation of the Constitution, is not worthy of impeachment

Mr. Prime Minister, your first responsibility is to revere and to uphold the Constitution. Justice is weaved into the fabric of the Constitution. And to be consistent in future execution of justice, stick to the Constitution. You diminished the seriousness of your Minister’s abuse of power and violation of public trust by manipulating the public through your demonic Machiavellian political ploy—the ends justify the means. As long as the work is done for the satisfaction of the public, it does not really matter how it was done. Mr Prime Minister, if that’s your philosophy of work, I’m sorry but that is a pure evil governance.

Additionally, you inferred that relieving Lavulavu from his ministerial position is the only just penalty. Terminating him from the House is a responsibility of the people of Vava’u since they are the ones who elected him as their representative.

Do you think that the people’s popular vote is the best way for the execution of justice over Lavulavu?

Mr. Prime Minister, these people are vulnerable for Lavulavu’s misuse and abuse of power to buy their votes indirectly through his unethical “accomplishments” from which they are the beneficiaries.

Moreover, you have to recognize that once a person is elected into the House, he is obligated to work for both of the local and the common good. That means Lavulavu is not only responsible for Vava’u, but he is also responsible for all the people of Tonga.

The Constitution seems to be harsh and unjust since impeachment is the only penalty for every crime. You forget that the Constitution demands absolute integrity from our law makers.  You’re the leaders of the nation.  You have the people’s trust, highest pay-checks, greatest power, and earned the greatest respect. With all these accolades vested in you, Tonga through the Constitution requires the highest standard of performance and accountability.  Violating that trust necessitates no other penalty but to go home, unless, you and your followers unjustly decide to vote “not guilty” over this case.


How pathetic, and ironic at the same time, that you kept on referring to cases in the previous years as to justify your action.  Aren’t you betraying yourself and the “good governance” that you’ve been preaching all these years? We thought you are the new government with the new good governance.  But, your action proves that you are just playing a political game.

You should have requested the House to forward the Lavulavu Case to your Cabinet on the very first day this case was brought to your attention.  Then you could have conducted an investigation and if Lavulavu was found guilty then you could have used your Constitutional power to execute your justice.

Mr Prime Minister, why did the House have to spend time and money on debating and investigating of whether there is a prima facie case for impeachment trial?  What was the purpose of trying to prove if there is prima facie case?

Since you and your House allowed the Standing Committee to investigate the Lavulavu Case, you crossed onto the road of no return. And when the Standing Committee found that a prima facie case that Lavulavu is liable, the only logical step was to hold an impeachment trial. The Speaker of the House should not allow any more ballot of whether or not to impeach your Minister.  That’s how democratic governments work. 

When you passively and aggressively requested the House to release your Minister from the impeachment process, you violated justice, since you already knew your “followers” at the House are the majority and they would take vote with you.

Mr Prime Minister, you trashed the Constitution and travestied justice. Sadly, it seems you were so sincere, but sincerely unjust and unconstitutional.

Respectfully Yours