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PM responsible for Lavulavu

Nuku'alofa, Tonga


The Prime Minister has failed twice in handling the Lavulavu Case, and he is about to commit a third cunning, but smart Constitutional move.

First mistake. He failed to hold his minister accountable for irresponsible discharge of his ministerial duties. The petition for impeachment reaches the Parliament simply because of the Prime Minister's failure to monitor the performance of his Ministers.

Why does the Parliament have to waste time and money on investigating his Minister's performance and then relay back the final decision to him?

Second mistake. He claimed his Constitutional right that he is responsible for the Minister whom he appointed. You are right, Mr Prime Minister.  If only you did what you were supposed to do, the House would not waste time and money on the Lavulavu case.

Your Constitutional right rests at the door of the House once the impeachment petition reaches inside the House. You're in charge of the Cabinet, not the House.

You should have bit the bullet and let justice flow and overflow in and from the House. Painful as it is, you should accept the impeachment charge.

Impeachment would be too much since Lavulavu would not stand alone. You are the one who is responsible for his irresponsibility.

Mr Prime Minister, your next move is predictable. You will advise your boy to resign, which is a wise Constitutional decision. You come out clean; he will go back to the House.

You will not take this this case to the King since it will only expose your failure to do your duty.

Mr Prime Minister, please amend the Constitution. If ever any of your Ministers is impeached, pack up his stuff and go home.  Right now, you can be impeached as a Prime Minister or Minister of the Cabinet only to return to the House as People's Representative. 

Respectfully yours,