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Troubling to see political maneuvering in poor economy

Honolulu, Hawai'i


Just when Tongans around the world are comfortable with Prime Minister Tu'ivakano's new democratically elected government, the opposition dropped this bomb in Parliament House with the filing of a no confidence vote, on the first democratically elected Prime Minister in the history of Tonga.

It is very troubling to see this political maneuvering by the same group of politicians that were working with the commission that campaigned on transparency and the "let's work together" type of public relations for the people of Tonga, when they were promoting the changes to this new form of government for a democratic Tonga. For whatever reasons that prompted this political maneuvering, it is sad to see it happening in my beloved country.

I am praying that cool heads will prevail and think of Tonga First.

In my humble view, Parliament should give PM Tu'ivakano time to implement his strategic business plan for Tonga to go forward, especially in this competitive and poor economic environment worldwide. It is saddening that the three ministers who resigned do not continue their good work for PM Tu'ivakano's government, they were all great men, but there are some other very smart and credible Tongans that could step up to the task.

Tongans in America have been proud and impressed with Prime Minister Tu'ivakano, after seeing him on television, standing side by side chatting with President Obama of USA and PM David Cameron of UK and among other world leaders at the APAC summit meetings here in Hawaii, and the past NATO summits in Chicago USA, couple of months ago. Also mentioning proudly a compliment to PM Tu'ivakano as Minister of Defence and his supporting of Brigadier General 'Uta'atu, and the Tonga military services. We thank them for making us all proud to be Tongans.

Tu'a 'Ofa atu,
MT Tuaileva
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.