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Our economy



I agree with William Mariner's last letter to Matangitonga on the issue of the new tax system. The so called tax reform will only choke infant business and lessen the chance for local Tongans to engage in small business ventures. I am just anxious as to what other types of taxes the government has in store for the poor.

While it is vividly clear that the new tax system was an attempt to generate more needed revenue for the government, it has unleashed an extra burden on the poor who barely could afford to pay imposed tax on basic commodities.

With its past political and economic scars, the road to recovery is slippery and one more wrong turn could see the kingdom plunge into a state of beyond repair. This should serve as the red light to fellow Tongans to start revising and devising ways of mitigating expenses and obligations leave alone the so called taxes that exists.

For a start, relieving oneself from unnecessary obligations and those that are well beyond one's ability to pay. For too long, many have been led to imbibe the idea that one must accept every single obligation that comes one's way. With an ailing economy, saving up for the dry season would be a prudent step to take.

Help received through remittance must be used sparingly only on needs and not used to foot the bill for some lavish function.

Tongan economy cannot be left alone to be the business of the government. As Tongans, we also have little ways of contributing in the recovery process and what has been aforementioned is just a start.

Remember a thousand miles begins with a single step.


Freddy Kavahaapai

frekava [at] gmail [dot] com