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Disturbing message from parliament



Reading the recent articles from Parliament's discussion is really disturbing to say the least.

1. The PR's look like a little kid going into a candy store with a nickle and demanding the owner give him his business.

2. If the PR's were honest with their push for democracy their tongue says one thing but their heart is saying another. The Bible says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. With them talking like this shows their true interest, which is not for the people or Tonga, but themselves.

Over-taxation in any areas will never build an economy but distroy one.

If government were to lower the taxes across the board they would not only stimulate their economy but attract many more businesses, which would cause a snowball effect and revive Tonga's economy.

With the type of discussions we are hearing is sending the wrong message. It says come to Tonga invest your money, take the risk and give us your profits. It says to the Tongans never mind trying to get ahead, stay in the lower tax bracket, why work hard?, government will only take more from us.

It says that if the PR's were running the government as they wanted Tonga would become a disaster overnight.

It says get involved with politics because we can use the tax system to run our own agenda. We can burden the people and businesses more to fulfill our own plans.

If you look at Moses who led the children out of bondage, we all know the story. Tonga needs a Moses to led them, not the PR's.

Tonga should be talking about incentives and lowering the taxes if you want to really help the people.

It says to the young Tongans looking to the future: why stay here when we can go somewhere that will help us learn, invest and receive the rewards for our efforts.

Tonga has gone through one of the worst disasters in their history. One would think you would be looking to God for your answers, not speaking your heart, which is what seems to be happening.

We can not run away from God, He is our creator and He will hold us all accountable. He tells us that if we will repent and turn from our wicked way, He will restore our land and heal our nation.

Tonga please get a God-fearing economic advisor to help.


Cliff Johnston

jhandyman5 [at] canby [dot] com