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Communism is not for Tonga



Again thank you for the opportunity to share my view on your platform Matangi Tonga, with all due respect to Mr Sosiua Moehau's letter on Nov-12-2006, "Learn from the Chinese", I too is currently doing business in China, I'm consulting with a Company called "Pacific Entertainment Holding LLC", who was hired and funded by the Chinese Govt. to build a "Paramount Movie Studio Park China" two hour south of Beijing, to be completed before the Olympic Games in year 2008. I have many friends in China and also have traveled into the inner China, especially Harbin City, bordering with Russian Territories.

In read Sosaia Moehau's letter, I would disagree strongly by his ignorant comment of praising Communism as the only right form of Government for the Chinese people, Sosaia, have you any idea of the past history of communism in China and other countries like the Soviet Union, and its era of the Bolsheviks times of Lenin and Stalin? Have you any Idea how many millions of human beings got Shot and killed in Communist Soviet Union during those Bolsheviks times of Lenin and Stalin? Even Chairman Mao with his style of Communism that isolated China from the whole world, and its Citizen lives in Poverty and Starvation for decade? Did you know that the whole world condemn the cowardly act of the Chinese military against their students and citizens protesting at Tianamen Square. And you are praising Communism? Go figure, something does not jive here Mr Moehau.

I also wanted you to know that your comment about America, really offended me as a Tongan who would die to defend, and the freedom that America have generously provided for me and my family and all my Tongan relatives that respect and live in this great land we call America. I respectfully suggest that you go and do some research on China, look up which country has more business transaction in China and it's booming economy, let me give you a hint it start with an A, America has 49,000 companies operated in manufacturing in China today, America helped China with a very generous trading treaty years back before China joint the WTO, it has been very profitable for both country's economy.

Another important piece of historical importance, when The Imperial Japanese Army occupy China before Chairman Mao came into the picture, who do you think came to the rescue of China from the Tyranny of the Imperial Japanese Army and

the brutal way they treated the people of China especially their women? Let me quest, it started with an A, another point Mr hate America, which country do you think gave the most money for it's share to keep the Unite Nation in operation, and the biggest donor of food for starving people of the world especially Africa and even North Korea, another quests, again start with an A.

While we're there, let me go into Europe, Japan, even all of the Pacific Islands protecting its freedom from the tyranny of the Imperial Army of Japan. You see Sosaia, history told us that without the Marshall Plan that America generously designed to re-build the European Continent after world war two, Europe would not have been prosperous as they are today, America came to their rescue from the tyranny of Hitler and his Nazi, but also helped rebuild Europe with the Marshall Plan. There are lots of Tongan who are in the American Arm Forces and they too are offended by your comment about our adopted country, that has been so kind to us and our families, I can honestly tell you that there are lots of us Tongan who are involved in different aspect of involvement in our system of government here in America, by excising our freedom to vote and support whomever party affiliated that we choose to belong to, and campaign very tirelessly for its candidate. I'm glad to report to my American friends in Tonga that our One Polynesian US Senator to the US Congress, Senator 'Akaka from Hawaii was re-elected for six more years to the US Senate in Washington, our Pacific Islanders Association was involved heavily in a tough primary.

Sosaia, I agreed with you in one point that PM Sevele and this Govt. is the right people to lead Tonga at this time, but he will have to let go of the status quo eventually, and listen to what the majority of the people are saying, they want a voice in the next election, both the NCPR and Australian Gurav Sodhi, author of the CIS report, both strongly suggested the changes to a totally elected members of the new Parliament, and the PM to be elected by the Parliament.

For your information Sosaia, I'm also a student of Chinese philosophy and ideology, "Confucius says": "Think before you write letters on subject you know nothing about". I respect your opinion and disagree with you whole heartedly, but that's how a free society operated, you better think twice about Communism bro.



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