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Lets have a clean-up project in Tonga

Canberra, Australia


The salutation to Mother Nature with her unbounded love and divine taste of fair

and care in the ...“natural logos...” of our universe - i.e. the logic of beauty,

unity and order between human beings and the physical surroundings - may be

considered as the highest climax in positivity that culminates the prolific

dialogue by Payne, Mokofisi, Moimoiangaha, Mafi Amerika Samoa and Ma...’u Leka ...‘i

Lolofonua. My Tongan comrades, I'm very impressed with the dialogue throughout,

and well done for providing fertile thoughts on a fascinated and extremely

crucial issue regarding controversially environmental matters in our Motherland

- a worthwhile discussion that should be acknowledged, and perhaps further

materialized in working projects however.

Generally, the argument on how us human beings ...“can balance out...” the ...“imbalanced

occurrences...” being induced by different complicated human endeavours (perhaps

illusions also) and technological mechanisms in the world of Mother Nature

seems to be the quintessence of the dialogue also. This dialogue is an old-aged

argument on how we can maintain the beauty, unity and order of the natural

logos of Mother Nature, while at the same token generating and perpetuating

activities for our human existence and survival, namely in the names of

tradition, culture, custom, and to a great extent ...“the best and permanence in

human thoughts and tongues...” as in Mathew Arnolds...’.

How our complex world with us on the peak of ...“human-smart nuclear development...”

and ...“know-how electronic precision...” can cope with the underlining core of

...“survival of the fittest...” in this continuing world of depletion and destruction

of Mother Nature? Is this due largely to outer-space capitalism, utilitarian

education and sectarian democracy with their satellite and military fanaticism

on one hand? On the other hand, the idealistic principles to live in secured

health and welfare systems of ego-individualism has urged us to guarantee that

we can still live in luxury and comfort ways within a depleting world that is

falling apart, and absorbing back into the sun and its hotness. As the celtic

phrase flows, ...“We originated from the sun and we will be back into its womb....”

I...’m being reminded by your enthralled dialogue about the chief theme of human

life in Western-Eastern ethical history with philosophers and gurus attempt to

provide us with meaningful and accurate answers on how to live happily, freely

and wisely over the ages. How can we bring in concert unto us, and natural

logos of Mother Nature, the virtues of happiness, freedom and wisdom together

with the related peaceful life of tranquillity? If our environment is depleted

and destructed, even uncleaned and unhygienic, can we say that this is a

reflection, we are no longer in unity and order with Mother Nature and the

natural logos of our universe. Whose blunders then in the case of our

Motherland Tonga with regard to the issue in hand? No one is to be blamed at

this point in time I may suggest.

All you guys have beautifully outlined the ...‘problems...’ and the ...‘solutions...’

respectively. How ...“can we practically connect...” the former with the latter

strategically is the question. To be or not to be some concrete actions must be

conducted from abroad to help our ...‘kainga...’ in the homeland on the global and

ecological issue in stake, my fellow Tongans. I...’m certain that most of you have

better human and technological resources with higher know-how maxims on this

matter than many in Tonga, and you can possibly put together an unified

organization there in the USA with working projects to initiate and lead the

...“first environmental movement from Tongans abroad...” in our Kingdom.

Faka...’apa...’apa atu,

Siosiua Lafitani Tofua...’ipangai

pouvalul [at] aapt [dot] net [dot] au