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I say Yes to Dual Citizenship and No to Bigotry.


Dear Sir/Madam

I write to voice my agreement with Poli Tuaileva's argument on the Dual Citizenship issue.

It makes me think about the increasing number of American Citizens that have been stripped of their Citizenship status by the American Government and deported to Tonga. Most of these people never had a Tongan passport or even have seen Tonga before, yet they roam around freely and form little gangs and continue their criminal acts in their newfound Paradise. Does the Tongan Government still charge the $40 fee to these foreign people to extend their visa (but they don't even have a valid passport - of any kind), do they automatically get Tongan Citizenship or does the Tongan Government sent them to jail? Does the Tongan Government have a double standard regarding Dual Citizenship?

What are the disadvantages to the Kingdom of Tonga for permitting Dual Citizenship? The boxer that represented Tonga to the Olympics is from NZ/Aust, did he get issued a Tongan passport just for the Olympics? We live overseas but are constantly asked where we come from. It's useless to say we're Australians, New Zealanders or Americans. People will still ask - Yeah but where are you from? So we always say "We are TONGANS. It's a pity that if Tonga doesn't allow me a Tongan Passport, I'll now have to say "I'm from NOWHERE - I'm currently living here in exile."

Does this also mean that Tongans (overseas Citizens) who own land in Tonga loose that land as well? Land is sacred in Tonga so why complicate things - I say YES to Dual Citizenship and NO to BIGOTRY

I therefore request the Editor of the Matangi Tonga to please publish the Act regarding Dual Citizenship in this magazine for everyone to read and form their opinion.

I live overseas but am still proud to be Tongan. I was born a Tongan and will die a Tongan. I will continue to visit Tonga - my mother land. Now listen to me, I'm a Tongan, Tongan, Tonga 4ever.

With Kind Respect
Curious Citizen

Editors note: 1. The boxer who represented Tonga in the Olympics became a Naturalized Tongan.

2. Watch this space, we will put up on our site a copy of the Nationality Act, of which there are numerous interpretations.