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The Tongan parliament yesterday, July 28, passed a Bill, raising the alcoholic drinking age from 18 to 21 years old. Alcohol is blamed for fuelling violent behaviour by some teenagers. From the House, by Pesi Fonua
Tuesday 29 July 2014 - 2 comments
“Why do we educate our young people with violence?” asks artist Ebonie Fifita, clutching a punch bag she has created out of a multitude of Tongan school uniforms, to add visibility to the issue of community violence.
Sunday 25 May 2014
Violence is a learned behavior. Community violence is a traumatic event that is a bad symptom of something that has reached deep into our society. It is a behavior of citizens who are stressed, who are trying to cope and solve problems. Some of the sources of stress include poverty, lack of housing, joblessness, family pressures, and hopelessness. …In random community violence, like we are seeing here in Tongatapu, there are no warnings. This should make us all realize that something like this could happen to us. By Kristi Seymour.
Tuesday 9 April 2013
A policeman who committed “a heinous and despicable act” was confident that if the victim filed a complaint against him his fellow workers would hide it, Tonga’s Chief Justice said in sentencing a constable to seven years imprisonment for raping and assaulting a woman held in a cell.
Monday 17 September 2007