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Friday 11 August 2017

Honiara, Solomon Islands
Meteorological services in the Pacific Islands have common challenges, and these will be discussed at the Fourth Pacific Meteorological Council Meeting in Honiara next week, says the chairman 'Ofa Fa'anunu, who is looking to strengthen communications services. By Linny Folau in Honiara
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Friday 22 April 2016
Nuku'alofa, Tonga
Tropical Cyclone Amos is still intensifying and on its current track is expected to reach Category 3 strength by 1:00pm Saturday April 23 and lie about 300km north of Niuafo’ou or about 385km North Northwest of Niuatoputapu. Strong winds may affect Niuafo’ou land area from early Saturday morning and Niuatoputapu land area from late Saturday to Sunday. Gale force winds are expected over open waters to the north of the two Niuas from tomorrow morning and Sunday, advises Tonga Met.
Tuesday 16 February 2016

Nuku'alofa, Tonga
A short tremor was felt in Tongatapu tonight at around 4:03 am. The M 5.7 earthquake rattled houses and woke people, who stayed indoors sheltering from the gale force winds and heavy rains brought to Tonga overnight by Tropical Cyclone Winston - an unusual cyclone that is worrying weather experts because it is moving north.
Thursday 14 January 2016
Nuku'alofa, Tonga
Strong El Nino conditions, peaking in Tonga in recent weeks, have been among the three strongest El Nino events of the past 50-years, suggested by temperatures recorded in the tropical Pacific Ocean. Rainfall outlook for the next three-months is below average, with a higher chance of a tropical cyclone for Tonga.
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Monday 2 November 2015
Cyclone Ian

Nuku'alofa, Tonga
Tonga might expect two or three cyclones in the 2015-16 Cyclone Season, which started yesterday, November 1, continuing for at least six months until the end of April.