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A new cargo ship MV Niuvakai is expected to start service this month, March 2014, and transport aid supplies to Ha’apai after it was bought by the Friendly Islands Shipping Agency.
Friday 7 March 2014
An abandoned fishing boat that is leaking oil at Faua Harbour on the Nuku’alofa waterfront, after sinking at its berth well over a week ago, is one of several that are a concern for harbour users, while authorities are writing letters trying to force the owner to remove it.
Wednesday 22 February 2012
Tonga’s new inter-island ferry, currently being built in Japan, is scheduled to arrive in Nuku’alofa on 20 October this year to restart the domestic inter-islands ferry service in the first week of November.
Wednesday 22 February 2012
JAWS South Pacific Shipping Company in August began a direct general cargo service from Auckland to Vava’u and Ha’apai, using a multi-purpose cargo vessel, the MV St Theresa.
Tuesday 27 September 2011