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The unclaimed remains of Milan Rindzak (35), found on the ‘JeReVe’ yacht together with over 200kgs of cocaine on Luatafito Atoll in November last year, will be buried in Vava’u soon. Two months after his death there has been no contact received from his next of kin.
Tuesday 22 January 2013
A male customs officer in Vava’u has been charged with attempted fraudulent conversion in relation to using a credit card belonging to Milan Rindzak (35), whose remains were found on the wreckage of the drugs yacht ‘JeReVe’ on Luatafito Atoll in November last year.
Wednesday 16 January 2013
Tonga Police have not yet confirmed the cause of death of Milan Rindzak (35) the Slovak national whose badly decomposed body was found on ‘JeReVe’ yacht with over 200kgs of cocaine on 7 November, on an atoll in the Vava’u Group.
Friday 7 December 2012
More than 200 kilograms of cocaine worth an estimated street value of AUD $116 million dollars in Australia, was seized by Tongan authorities on the wreck of the ‘JeReVe’ yacht that ran aground on a reef off Luatafito Atoll in Vava’u. Police believe it to be one of the largest seizure of narcotics in the South Pacific region.
Friday 16 November 2012