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Tonga Law enforcement agencies signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 15 August to share information and work together in order to tackle serious financial and commercial crimes.
Monday 18 August 2014 - 1 comment
An important development in Tonga’s criminal justice system, which will allow offenders to carry out Community Service under police supervision, will provide an alternative sentence to a jail term. Community service orders in most cases are imposed on first time offenders and young offenders.
Wednesday 22 May 2013 - 1 comment
Three Tongans have been deported from New Zealand while another person left voluntarily as a result of their criminal records being wiped-off by Tonga Police. Australia has also cancelled the visas of three Tongans while a fourth visa is being considered for cancellation. Meanwhile, the Tonga Police are continuing to investigate a practice that the Police Commissioner said had damaged Tonga’s reputation because official documents with the police letterhead were sent telling a lie to gain access to another country.
Wednesday 20 March 2013
Tonga recorded 98 suicides over the last 12 years, and most were male and under the age of 30 years, Tonga’s Police Commissioner Grant O’Fee told a local consultation on suicide trends and risk that started on March 19.
Wednesday 20 March 2013
Two robbers who allegedly stole $10,000 cash in foreign currency after assaulting a woman shopkeeper at a Chinese shop in ‘Ohonua, ‘Eua on Friday night March 1, remain at large.
Tuesday 5 March 2013
Tongan seasonal workers under the New Zealand Recognised Seasonal Employers program are affected by the NZ immigration minister’s recent decision to hold Tongan visa applications that require police clearances. A first group of 35 workers who were due to leave for New Zealand on Monday remain on stand-by in Nuku’alofa. Another 120 workers who are scheduled to leave over the next two weeks in the height of the harvest season will also be affected by the new rule.
Wednesday 20 February 2013
New Zealand’s immigration minister has put an immediate hold on Tongan visa applications that require a police clearance, expressing his serious concern over incorrect declarations.
Tuesday 19 February 2013
Sioeli Vakataumai Havea (27) of Fasi died on Monday, February 4 after it is believed he was electrocuted by a low power-line that he touched while walking on Laifone Road, beside the Royal Tombs in central Nuku’alofa.
Tuesday 5 February 2013
A six-year-old boy drowned at a public swimming pool on the seafront at Popua yesterday afternoon, January 21. This is the first death reported from drowning in Tonga for the New Year.
Tuesday 22 January 2013
More than 200kgs of cocaine worth an estimated street value of AUD$116 million, that was seized by Tongan authorities on the wreck of the ‘JeReVe’ yacht that ran aground on Luatafito Atoll in Vava’u, have been sent to Australia for destruction.
Friday 23 November 2012 - 1 comment
More than 200 kilograms of cocaine worth an estimated street value of AUD $116 million dollars in Australia, was seized by Tongan authorities on the wreck of the ‘JeReVe’ yacht that ran aground on a reef off Luatafito Atoll in Vava’u. Police believe it to be one of the largest seizure of narcotics in the South Pacific region.
Friday 16 November 2012
“Jereve” is the name of a yacht in which a badly decomposed male body was found by divers on November 7, after it ran aground on a reef in Luatafito atoll located 20km from the Vava’u Island Group. Police confirmed the yacht is now a crime scene, is subject to an International Multi-Jurisdictional Law Enforcement operation spanning four countries from the United States, Australia, Cook Islands and Tonga, and including the US Drug Enforcement Agency.
Wednesday 14 November 2012
The Tonga Police need to win back the trust and confidence of the public after the homicide death of Kali Fungavaka in Nuku’alofa had tarnished the Police’s reputation both locally and internationally, the Prime Minister Lord Tu’ivakano told the 43rd Commissioned Officers two-day Annual Conference.
Thursday 25 October 2012
Tonga’s Police Commissioner did not expect any more people would be charged in relation to the death of New Zealand Police Officer Kali Fungavaka in Tonga, but he did not rule out the possibility as the homicide investigation continues. He said the investigation had been done with integrity but that the police still had a long way to go in restoring public confidence.
Tuesday 2 October 2012
A Police Inspector and two constables will be charged with manslaughter along with two other police constables in relation to the death of the New Zealand police officer Kali Fungavaka, Tonga’s Police Commissioner said today.
Thursday 27 September 2012
Two Tongan policemen were released on bail this morning, after a decision was made by Tonga’s Crown Law department not to lay manslaughter charges against them at this stage of a murder investigation, although the police commissioner had expected that the charges would be upgraded to manslaughter today.
Monday 3 September 2012
Tonga’s Police Commissioner Grant O’Fee said today that New Zealand Police officer Kali Fungavaka was beaten to death in Tonga. Two policemen who were charged with assault in connection with his death in police custody, will now face new upgraded charges of manslaughter in court on Monday, September 3, while a murder charge against a civilian will be reduced from murder to manslaughter.
Friday 31 August 2012
Tonga’s Commissioner of Police said that the two officers arrested in connection with the death of New Zealand Police Officer Kali Fungavaka were today suspended from the police. Meanwhile, police are seeking witnesses who were in the vicinity of the “Time Out” bar on Hala Taufa’ahau on the night of August 17.
Wednesday 29 August 2012
Tonga’s Police Commissioner Grant O’Fee said that the cause of death of New Zealand Police officer Kali Fungavaka in Tonga would be determined by an autopsy to be completed in New Zealand, and the report expected at the end of the week would assist a Tonga police enquiry.
Monday 27 August 2012