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Two foreign fishing boats were boarded in Tongan waters and one apprehended during a ten-day maritime surveillance operation to quell illegal fishing across the South Pacific Ocean, that ended last Friday 23 May.
Wednesday 28 May 2014
There is a urgent need for Pacific nations to rise above national agendas and act regionally, to respond effectively to the economic crisis in the Pacific’s albacore long line fisheries, warns the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency Director-General James Movick. Pacific countries will also need to confront distant water fishing nations to reconcile their narrow fishing interests with their broader role as key strategic and development partners of this region, he said.
Saturday 15 February 2014
Developing and strengthening the capacity of Forum Fisheries Agency members to harvest and control tuna resources in a sustainable way was a key issue to be discussed at the 8th Annual Ministerial Forum Fisheries Committee Meeting held from June 28-29 in Tonga.
Friday 29 June 2012