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The Pacific Island Tuna Industry Association (PITIA) has complained that Albacore and Bigeye Tuna stocks are continuing to decline in the Western Pacific as a result of overfishing.
Wednesday 13 August 2014
The Vava’u Agricultural Show 2014 was held on Saturday, August 9 at the Vava’u High School grounds in Neiafu. Photos by Lisa Molloy.
Monday 11 August 2014
Australia announced its grant of AU$9.6 million for the development of fisheries in the Pacific, during the 45th Pacific Islands Forum Meeting that was held in Palau from 29-31 July.
Saturday 2 August 2014
A foreign fishing vessel boarded by the Tonga Navy’s VOEA Neiafu patrol boat last week, was apprehended after failing to produce its original fishing license in Tonga, was later released on Monday, May 26.
Wednesday 28 May 2014
Two foreign fishing boats were boarded in Tongan waters and one apprehended during a ten-day maritime surveillance operation to quell illegal fishing across the South Pacific Ocean, that ended last Friday 23 May.
Wednesday 28 May 2014
A decision by the Tongan Cabinet on March 29 to lift a moratorium on the harvesting and the exporting of sea cucumber will accelerate the depletion of Tonga’s sea cucumber stock and kill the industry, according to fisheries experts.
Thursday 15 May 2014 - 1 comment
The Ha’apai Group will not be joining the Royal Agricultural, Fisheries and Industrial Shows in 2014 due to the extensive damage caused by Tropical Cyclone Ian in January this year.
Friday 4 April 2014
There is a urgent need for Pacific nations to rise above national agendas and act regionally, to respond effectively to the economic crisis in the Pacific’s albacore long line fisheries, warns the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency Director-General James Movick. Pacific countries will also need to confront distant water fishing nations to reconcile their narrow fishing interests with their broader role as key strategic and development partners of this region, he said.
Saturday 15 February 2014
Tropical tuna fishing needs to be controlled says a disappointed Pacific Island Tuna Industries Association (PITIA) this week, charging the Western & Central Pacific Fishery Commission (WCPFC) with failing to protect the interests of Pacific Islands tuna industries and leaving the southern albacore longline fishery “open for another year of plundering.”
Friday 20 December 2013
Tonga’s fishing industry remains in a sad state with only one commercial tuna fishing boat in operation in what should be one of its most dynamic economic sectors, says Semisi Fakahau a Tongan fisheries consultant.
Thursday 19 December 2013
In a new report Greenpeace is calling for the exclusion of large-scale “and destructive” foreign-owned vessels from national waters, in a bid to help small locally owned Pacific Islands fisheries survive and to sustain precious tuna reserves for the future.
Wednesday 7 August 2013 - 2 comments
What’s the use of passing Cabinet decisions if they do not implement them? The Cabinet Decision of 5 April removing Duty and CT for the fishery sector…cannot be effected until Fisheries confirms the administrative procedures… - Tricia Emberson, FIAT.
Wednesday 5 June 2013
Development of community-based milkfish farming in Tonga will be given a boost through a project under the FAO Technical Cooperation Programme.
Friday 10 May 2013
The Royal Agriculture, Fisheries and Industries Show 2012 will be held in Tongatapu, ‘Eua and Ha’apai in October. The show is an opportunity for farmers, fishermen and private sector businesses to display traditional Tongan foods, handmade handicrafts, seafood, fish and locally made products.
Friday 14 September 2012
Tonga has closed the fishing of sea cucumbers for three years, starting this year to allow the stock to recover from overfishing and illegal fishing.
Thursday 24 May 2012 - 1 comment
An Economic Dialogue aimed at growing the Tongan economy in a collective effort, will be held on March 7-8 hosted by the National Reserve Bank of Tonga, and will bring together key people in agriculture, fisheries and tourism sectors, and government, to develop actions and address the challenges of Tonga’s current economic downturn.
Thursday 16 February 2012
Twenty scientists gathered recently at an International Tuna Tagging Workshop held at the Secretariat of the Pacific Community’s (SPC) headquarters in New Caledonia. The world’s largest ever tuna tagging project has released over 250,000 tagged tuna into the equatorial Western and Central Pacific Ocean and 35,000 tags have already been recovered. The data being collected will help in sustaining and protecting the world’s largest resource of tuna.
Saturday 13 March 2010